What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 – Batch order sequencing

Many process industries are faced with a need to sequence the production of their products by using multiple levels of complexity. Production is sequenced based on a particular criteria that is assigned the highest priority. Production within that sequence is then further sequenced based on additional criteria that are assigned appropriate priorities. For example, a paint facility is configured so that production is first sorted by color and then by package size. This enables the cleanup time between colors to be reduced. However, there is a change to the packaging line equipment. Then the container configuration has a higher priority than the cleanup time that is required for color changes.


The batch order sequencing feature enables a production planner to sequence products on a bottleneck resource in the production facility. You can define sequences and sequence groups. The sequences can be characteristics of items that are used to identify how to sequence the items in production. Sequence groups define how certain sequences are prioritized. You can assign sequences to items and assign sequence groups to bottleneck resources. When you apply a sequencing principle to the MRP, the expected results are calculated.

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  1. Colin Clarson says:

    So this only caters for Batch Production Orders, so Formula based products only …

  2. Kevin Cosman says:

    This logic could be helpful in regular manufacturing applications as well, i have worked with Scheduling Optimizer products in the past that allowed sequencing based on Item Master attributes. As Colin suggests, is Sequencing only applicable to batch orders?

  3. Thanks for the input,. In Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Batch order sequencing only supports batch orders  and formula based items.

  4. UdhayAnand, Chennai, India says:

    I guess, this can be configured using finite property scheduling, which also works in similar fashion. For the production order with BOM item, we can use finite property scheduling. Do you agree?

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