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Video: How to collect a trace within Dynamics AX

When trying to diagnose performance issues in Dynamics AX, two of the key tools that we use are the Performance Analyzer (for SQL activity), and the Event Trace Parser for Microsoft Dynamics® AX (aka Trace Parser).  Trace Parser is a user interface and data analyzer built on top of the Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) framework. The ETW framework allows an administrator to conduct tracing to diagnose performance problems in test and even live environments.

Trace Parser is built on top of Microsoft SQL Server. It enables rapid analysis of traces to find the longest running code, longest running SQL query, highest call count, and other metrics useful in debugging a performance problem. In addition, it provides a call tree of the code that was executed, giving the developer insight into the code, and the power to quickly become familiar with the flow of an unfamiliar piece of code. It also provides the ability to jump from the searching feature to the call tree so that the person analyzing the trace can determine how the problematic code was called.

I've spend the last 2 years working on the Trace Parser tool in development and have recently joined the Premier Field Engineering team where I'm using the tool quite a bit to help customers find and resolve performance issues.  I put together this video to go through the basics of the Trace Parser to help you with the following:

1. Collect a trace within Dynamics AX 4.0 or AX 2009
2. Analyze the trace which was collected
3. Look for some common performance issues

This video begins with trace collection within Dynamics AX. These instructions are valid for both AX4 and AX2009. I highly suggest you view this in 720P by selecting the resolution from the video itself or going full screen.


These videos go great with Tom Stumpf's articles on Dynamics AX Tracing.

Dynamics AX Tracing (Part I)

Dynamics AX Tracing (Part II)

Ray Bennett
Premier Field Engineer, Dynamics AX

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  1. Must be used by one, who is creating AddOn to AX or developing new module in AX. Very helpful tools.

  2. Hi,

    Just finished writing a Sure Step Optimization – customization review, where we found a lot of

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