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Setting Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Demo with LCS and Azure

Hey all you Dynatics (Dynamics Fanatics) out there! With the announcement today I thought I'd drop a quick start guide for setting up the Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Demo Virtual Machine (VM) on Azure to save you a few minutes. The full guide is here:

Prerequisites and warnings now: This Demo setup uses Lifecycle Services (LCS) ( and Microsoft Azure ( You'll need a subscription to Azure, and access to LCS to set this up, and the article will recommend you have support for your Azure account in case you run into troubles.

Quick Setup Steps:

1) Log in to Azure.

2) Click Settings at the bottom left.

3) Highlight your Subscription ID and copy it.

4) Log into LCS.

4a) Create a new project if you need to, I called mine Demo Project.

5) Click on "Cloud hosted environments (beta)" button in your project.

6) On the right side you'll see a panel where you enter your Subscription ID, put it in and click Next.

7) On this panel, download the Certificate (save it locally, don't install it).

8) Switch back to Azure, under Settings again select Management Certificates and upload the certificate you just downloaded from LCS.

9) Back in LCS select your region and click Connect.

10) Back on the Cloud hosted environments (beta) page, click the + near the top left.

11) Click the Demo (1 VM) on the right side panel and then click Deploy.

12) Name your instance (Letters, Numbers and Hyphen only), check the Accept license box and click Next.

13) Click Deploy on the "Are you sure?" banner pop-up.

You're basically done at this point, the LCS site will configure a few services on Azure including a Storage container and a VM. Once it's done, you can grab the .RDP file for your VM and log in. Details for the login will be shown on the LCS deployments page and are by default the following:

User name: \Administrator

Password: pass@word1

Comments (9)
  1. Martin Robinson says:

    Thanks Mark,  I found it about an hour later when looking around the LCS portal.

  2. Mark Gray says:

    The password is displayed in the Lifecycle Services portal page for your image.    Click on the Cloud Hosted Services (Beta) link in the LCS portal, click on the environment name just deployed and a frame will appear on the right hand side of the browser with the user name (builtinadministrator) and your password.    Looking at our password I suspect everyone will have the same one but I won't post our one here just in case.

  3. Martin Robinson says:

    Same issue as Pierre has the contosoadministrator password been changed ?

  4. Marcel Domingus says:

    Update: it took something like 10 minutes, but the RDP session finally completed the Please wait screen and I am able to access the VM now!

  5. Marcel Domingus says:

    Same problem, after a fresh deployment this morning. I manage to pass the initial RDP login screen, but then the RDP session remains stuck in a Please wait screen while it is presumably initializing the Administrator profile.

  6. Pierre Louis says:

    We have done the deploy today ( 19/06/2014) but cann't login with the provided account.

    Even  contosoadministrator   pass@word1   does not allow login.

    Previous deployments we have done work fine to login.

    did the image change recently ?

  7. Brent Fudala says:

    I have the image deployed but the batch jobs to run data changes to the Retails stores does not seem to be working. Has anyone successfully gotten the Retail portions to work on the Azure platform?

  8. Kristin says:

    I get an error when clicking on "Cloud hosted environments (beta)". Any idea why? Error code is None.

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