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Performance Analyzer Reports

We're excited to introduce the next evolution with our Performance Analyzer for Microsoft Dynamics toolset.  We'll review the concepts today at Convergence at the Performance Analyzer for Microsoft Dynamics session at 5pm in the Hilton Ballroom B on the 2nd floor.  In this post, we'll list the reports that are included in the attached zip file.  The zip file includes the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services reports as well as a PDF that provides further information on each report.  Stay tuned for future posts drilling into each report in more depth.

The list of reports is as follows:

1)    Configuration-Server Configuration
        - Insight into your current SQL Server and Database configurations
2)    Documentation – AX Long Running Queries
        - Provides you a list of slow performing database code with the Dynamics AX Call Stack and user information
3)    Documentation – Long Running Queries
        - Provide a list of long running queries on your Microsoft Dynamics database sorted by Total Elapsed Time.
4)    General Query Analysis – Query Analysis
        - Meant to be used by your SQL DBA to resolve database query performance
5)    Monitoring-Hourly Disk I/O
        - Provides a detailed analysis of how your disks that contain database files are performing on an hourly basis.
6)    Monitoring-Row Count Statistics (Daily)
7)    Monitoring-Row Count Statistics (Hourly)
8)    Monitoring-Row Count Statistics (Hourly Detail)
        - Drill through set of reports to analyze transaction volume of your Microsoft Dynamics Solution
9)  Monitoring-Row Count Comparison
10) Monitoring-Row Count Comparison Sub
        - Detailed report to show transaction volumes between different data collection points in the DynamicsPerf database.
11) Query Analysis (Various levels)
        - Detailed drill-through report for investigating slow performing database queries
12) Scan Analysis (Index Statistics, Table Properties, User Scan Analysis)
        - Set of reports to investigate queries scanning tables in your Microsoft Dynamics Database

These reports are being released as sample reports for Performance Analyzer for Microsoft Dynamics.  The reports can be deployed to an existing SSRS server or can be run with SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS).  There is a setup guide provided in the download for the reports. 

The sample reports can be downloaded at the bottom of this post.

We would love to hear your feedback on these reports.  Please post your ideas and suggestions in the comments of this blog entry. 

Rod Hansen, Brent Sokolofsky and Eric Newell

Premier Field Engineering for Dynamics AX

Sample Reports for Performance Analyzer for Microsoft

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  1. Tom Lin says:

    Looking to use Performance Analyzer for Dynamics (DynamicsPerf) with AX2012 and can't find any information on if it is compatible or not.  The only server configuration setting that is referenced in the deployment document I am using says the AOS must be started with the "Allow client tracing on Application Object Server instance" checkbox enabled and that is not one of the available options in AX 2012 server configuration utility.

    Can you please confirm if this tool will still work with AX 2012 and if so, what are the appropriate settings on the server/client after installing the DynamicsPerf database?

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