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Performance Analyzer 1.16 for Microsoft Dynamics IS HERE !!

You can download the latest release of Performance Analyzer 1.16 for Microsoft Dynamics at the following:


This release officially supports SQL Server 2012 and all currently released Dynamics Products.  There have been several performance improvements incorporated into this version especially around analyzing QUERY data.  For the operational staff, we have enhanced the QUICK ACTIVITY MONITOR query to display all currently executing SQL statements, all current blocks, and open database cursors that have run in the last minute.  Also included in this release, are the sample SSRS reports, which you will find located in the REPORTS folder when you unzip the project. 


We have made a change in how we purge data from the database in this release.  We will keep the last data collection per SQL Server restart regardless of @PURGE_DAYS.   This will allow for long term analysis of Query and Index usage over time.  You will be able to compare Query data before and after a patch to your SQL Server as an example.  You will be able to determine if that index has ever been used vs. today where you can only see if it has been used since your last SQL restart. 


There are many exciting things that we will be adding in the next version of Performance Analyzer that I will be sharing with you over the next several months.  So, please stay tuned to the Blog for new and exciting features coming to your favorite performance tool for your Microsoft Dynamics product.


I will be presenting Performance Analyzer at Convergence this year.   I’ll be presenting on Wed. Mar. 20, 2013 at 5pm and Thur. Mar. 21, 2013 at 4pm.  Please stop by and say hello if you are attending Convergence 2013.  The session is named “Maximizing SQL Performance for Microsoft Dynamics”.


Rod ‘Hotrod’ Hansen



Comments (5)
  1. Patrick Duggan says:

    Rod: Does a document regarding the typical workload of a Dynamics AX implementation exist? I am working with a lot of customers implementing Dynamics AX and want to size disks for the solution. Exchange has a calculator to determine megacycles, RAM requirements, and the read/write split and block size is widely advertised.

    Does such an animal exist for Dynamics AX?

  2. Daniel Compton says:

    Hi Rod

    Is dynamicsperf 1.0 available online? I am trying to work on a SQL Server 2005 database and the oldest version I can find is 1.15.

    Thanks, Daniel.

  3. Rod Hansen says:

    We have corrected an issue where you may only have 2 records in the QUERY_STATS_CURR_VW.  This was caused by an XML processing error.  Send an email to requesting the query_plans fix and I'll send you the updated stored procedure.  The download site will have a new file dated after Mar. 11, 2013 shortly with the fix in it.  

  4. Rod Hansen says:

    Thanks for the suggestion.  I'll look into splitting that into 2 documents.  One for the Core and one for Dynamics AX which is the only product that we have custom steps for at the moment.

  5. Matt B - Phoenix, AZ says:

    Rod, the Deployment & User Guide seems very much geared at an AX installation (comments about AOS servers, AX tracing settings, DynamicsPerf database, etc). I would like to see you include documentation for each Dynamics platform which would make sense to the Administrator of another product.

    See you at Convergence!

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