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Payroll for Dynamics AX: Enabling Tax Engine Debugging

The Tax Engine for Payroll for Dynamics AX has a logging capability for debugging that is very helpful for debugging tax issues and seeing specifically what Dynamics AX is sending into the tax engine. The logging capability allows you to debug what values are being sent to the tax engine, what calls are being made, and what results are being returned by it. It also displays all versions of the files/components that it uses.

Follow the steps below for enabling Tax Engine debugging for Payroll for Dynamics AX.

  1. Open the Server\XXX\Bin\STE folder on your AX Payroll machine in Windows Explorer.
  2. Create a log folder, if one doesn't exist already.
  3. Open the ste.conf file in a text editor.
  4. Look for the line that begins with STE_LOGGING_LEVEL and change it from the default value “NONE” to "DEBUG”.
  5. The Users group has to have full control of the log folder, so grant that permission if it hasn't been set already.
  6. Restart the AOS.
  7. The next time the tax engine is used, there will be a log file in the log folder.

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