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Management Reporter 2012 Introduction + CU6 Release Review

It has come to my attention that Microsoft will be deprecating financial statement report design functionality/features from future releases of Dynamics AX and relying more on Management Reporter 2012 to replace these deprecations that currently reside in the General ledger module of Dynamics AX. 

Microsoft is moving quickly on their initiative to establish Management Reporter 2012 as ‘the primary' financial statement report writer/generator/financial analysis collaboration tool for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Some of you may not be aware of what Management Reporter 2012 brings to the table for Dynamics AX in the area of financial statement reporting.  The following list of enhancements are just an example of Microsoft’s vision for Management Reporter 2012 and Dynamics AX. This list continues to grow with every MR CU release (NOTE: this is not a list of core functionality, just enhancements to the core functionality):

Report Design Flexibility:

  • Quickly identify accounts/dimensions that have been omitted from report building blocks
  • Format headers for rolling forecast
  • Easily save and reuse dimension combinations when designing report
  • Control how dimension descriptions are formatted and displayed

Financial Report Collaboration:

  • Usability enhancements to make Report Groups more discoverable by providing access from the navigation pane
  • Schedule reports to generate on a periodic basis
  • Publish to a read-only (.XPS) report format
  • Publish reports to multiple Microsoft SharePoint® or any network location
  • Publish a personalized Microsoft Excel® (.xlsx) file
  • Personalized and secured view of data for all output types
  • E-mail reports via SharePoint alerts
  • E-mail a link to a report from within the Report Viewer
  • Use Lync to instant message the name of report, the report row and link URL to open the report for instant communication with a colleague

Interactive Report Viewing:

  • Quickly create a chart based upon selected report rows and columns
  • Locate key features in Report Viewer with an enhanced toolbar
  • Jump to key areas of the report for fast analysis
  • Find a key value in a report, such as an account value or description
  • Easily page within a report
  • Attach comments to important rows in a report version
  • Copy comments from one version of a report to another

Deeper Dynamics ERP integration:

  • Trickle data from Microsoft Dynamics AX  and Microsoft Dynamics NAV into
    Management Reporter data mart for increased performance
  • Drill from account and budget balances on a report to related information in Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Display or filter on properties of dimensions and transactions to design more precise financial reports.
  • Automatically integrate company information from Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Report on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 budget reservations (pre-encumbrances/encumbrances) based upon budget funds available calculation as defined in budget control configuration
  • Manage all users (both Microsoft Dynamics AX and Management Reporter) from within Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Dynamically align reporting trees with Microsoft Dynamics AX  organizational hierarchies
  • Choose whether to include or exclude budget submodels when using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 budgets

This list gives you an idea of how Management Reporter 2012 is seamlessly integrated with Dynamics AX and other Microsoft technologies (ie. SQL, Office, Lync, IE and SharePoint).

The goal of this communication is to also make you aware of where things stand today with MR 2012, so that when our customers approach you with inquiries you have the appropriate means to support them effectively and efficiently. With that in mind and to assist with knowledge ‘ramp-up’, here are some subject matter ‘finger-tip’ resource links and points of interest. 

MR install and update(s) information:

Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Installs and Service Packs Overview -

Management Reporter Healthcheck:

Recently, one of our customer’s requested a Healthcheck type service for their current Management Reporter 2012 environment. This actually is a challenge since a MR Healthcheck does not formally exist today. However, some research has been done to establish a baseline for a more formal MR Healthcheck customer deliverable that will be developed over this next FY.  Here are the components that have been found to establish that baseline:

  • Information about Microsoft Automated Troubleshooting Services and Support Diagnostic Platform: This article answers the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Microsoft Automated Troubleshooting Services (MATS) and Support Diagnostics Platform (SDP).Microsoft Support uses MATS to collect diagnostic information from a Windows-based computer, to analyze the data that is collected for known root causes, and to determine the correct resolution to any issues found. The information that is collected may also be used to automatically perform common troubleshooting tasks or automatically fix known problems on your computer. The results of data that you collect can be uploaded to Microsoft support.
  • Management Reporter 2012 Base diagnostic: The Management Reporter 2012 Base diagnostic reviews your Management Reporter 2012 environment and looks for known issues. This diagnostic also collects general information about your Management Reporter 2012 environment and provides this information to Support. This is the diagnostic will be used as the baseline to help launch a more formal MR Healthcheck customer deliverable. This diagnostic performs the following tasks:
  • Collects the name of the user who is running MR Services
  • Confirms that the MR Service port is open from the client computer
  • Collects Event Viewer entries for MR Client and MR Server
  • Confirms that the MR Services (Application and Process) are both running
  • Collects the list of MR providers and their file versions
  • Collects the records from the Schedule tables in the MR SQL database
  • Collects MR Deployment logs
  • Collects MR Client registry entries
  • Reviews collected Event Viewer and Deployment logs for known bugs

Management Reporter 2012 Functionality Awareness:

The following link directs you to a collection of videos that review ‘core’ functionality of Management Report 2012: q=management+reporter+2012&qpvt=management+reporter+2012&FORM=VDRE.

MR 2012 CU6 Release Review:

Microsoft Management Reporter 2012 Cumulative Update 6 (CU6) is available (latest CU to date, released July 31st, 2013) -;EN-US;2877697 (NOTE: This link summarizes what stabilization issues have been rectified, but does not cover functional enhancements. These summaries will be available from Microsoft for each new MR CU release going forward).

The following is a list of functional enhancement (and informative links) that are included in the CU6 release:


Management Reporter CU6 (2.1.6041.36) for Microsoft Dynamics ERP known issue:

KB 794670 - Unable to assign groups to security assignments in Report Library with CU6
KB 816947 - Drilling into transaction detail fails with a period 1 PERIODIC column and YTD column


**NOTE: AX 2009 customers must be on CU8 in order to use MR 2012. Prior versions of AX 2009 will use MR v2.0. CU6 can only be used with AX 2012 RTM CU4+ & AX 2012 R2**






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