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Management Reporter 2012 CU7 Release Review

Management Reporter 2012 CU7 is now available. This release, which has been posted for download, includes the ability to drill back to Dynamics from the Management Reporter Web Viewer, currency translation for Dynamics AX 2012 customers, plus a few more enhancements.

Here’s a summary of the new Management Reporter CU7 features:

  • Ability to drill back to Dynamics AX from the Management Reporter Web Viewer, allowing the ability to see detailed transactional information on any account
  • Included Management Reporter into the Dynamics AX install for new customers, making it more straightforward to get the entire solution up and running
  • Ability for Microsoft Dynamics AX customers to view any Management Reporter report in both functional and reporting currencies using the Management Reporter Web Viewer
  • Support or currency translation for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 customers
  • Accounts and dimensions on reports will now be displayed in the order you’ve identified in Dynamics AX
  • Ability to include Fixed Asset Acquisition Date as an attribute on a report (Dynamics AX only)
  • Performance enhancements using Management Reporter Web Viewer to view reports
  • More than 90 bug fixes across Management Reporter and all Dynamics ERP integrations

Here is a link to the Management Reporter 2012 CU7 download:

Videos of the new Management Reporter CU7 features will be developed over this next QTR.  Here are the first set of videos available now:


Management Reporter 2012 CU7 ( 2.1.7044.43) known issues:

KB27687 – Transactions are missing when update occurs during integration with Dynamics SL DDM
KB 811970 - Operating Unit dimensions will not integrate with Organizational Hierarchies if the default name of the operating unit dimension is changed
KB 865243 - Fiscal Year map can produce a SQL query with more than 2100 parameters and encounter a SQL limitation
KB 877367 - The SQL Tempdb database can grow excessively while running the Fact task during the DDM integration
KB 881381 - Consolidated report containing companies with different functional currencies may fail


**NOTE: AX 2009 customers must be on CU8 in order to use MR 2012. Prior versions of AX 2009 will use MR v2.0. CU6/CU7 can only be used with AX 2012 RTM CU4+ & AX 2012 R2**

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  1. Joanne Mahoney says:

    The issue with seeing the dimensions in the order of the account structure is huge. It was just using alphabetical order which was very confusing, as well as not allowing the option on MR to place the main account not as the first segment in the structure.

    We had the ability to drill back into AX, but then they removed it. I am glad it is back, hopefully to stay!

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