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Management Reporter 2012 CU16 +HFs is now available!

Management Reporter 2012 CU16 has been posted for download. This release includes the ability to use Management Reporter over HTTPS, and includes several quality fixes as well.

NOTE:   CU16 will be the last formal CU release for Management Reporter 2012 for Dynamics AX 2012.


Here’s a summary of the new Management Reporter CU16 features:

  • HTTPS Support for Server and client components
  • Add Hebrew (he-il) localization
  • Additional fixes for product defects (all quality fixes)

Details of additional product quality fixes for MR 2012 (related to Dynamics AX):

3751976: Wildcards and ranges doesn't return all valid dimension combinations

3753112: Dimension filter uses an OR condition instead of an AND in different scenarios when two dimensions are specified

3755023: Dimension filter uses an OR condition instead of an AND if using a dimension value that does not exist

3767519: Report generation fails when using a dimension value setting in the reporting tree based on MainAccount

3768350: Company Integration very slow when many records in SECURITYUSERROLECONDITION table

3768609: MR CU15 Known Issue - @DateLong AutoText header displays day of week in web viewer

3771542: Integration fails if collation is different between tempdb and Microsoft Dynamics AX database

3778344: Vendor name transaction attribute isn't correct when using a virtual company with a shared table collection that includes VendTable

3794033: Report generation fails when there is a duplicated name for a dimension value

Make sure you have the following prerequisites:

  • Management Reporter 2012 CU16 requires SQL Server 2012 or higher.
  • PowerShell 3.0 continues to be required.
  • The Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 is also required, but is no longer automatically downloaded and prompted for installation. For a complete list of prerequisites, review the system requirements.


HTTPS Feature Overview:

For more details of this new feature, please review the following blog entry written by our Product Group (for MR):



Management Reporter CU16 Release: 2.12.16000.17

Management Reporter CU16 Hotfix 1 (3815274  -  release date 4/10/2017):

  • This hot fix is optional and can be loaded to revert a CU16 change with reporting tree rollups. The hot fix will allow children nodes to be rolled up to a parent that contains a Dimension filter.


Management Reporter CU16 Hotfix 2 (3813390  -  release date 4/28/2017):

  • This hot fix addresses an issue where user security may be removed during the Company to Company mapping if there is a SQLException.


Management Reporter CU16 Hotfix 3 (3830316  -  release date 5/24/2017):

  • This hotfix, specific for Brazil (BRA), allows Microsoft Dynamics AX customers to generate the SPED ECF statement. You can export the SPED ECF text file with the changes in records 0000, 0010, 0020, 0021 and 0930 introduced by version 3.0.


Management Reporter CU16 Hotfix 4 (3840209  -  release date 6/28/2017):

  • This hotfix will prevent unnecessary actual and budget records from being created in the data mart when the amount or quantity is zero.




NOTE: There are no changes to the data mart schema in this release, so no upgrade to the data mart database will be required.


You can view which ERP versions are supported by this release by reviewing our compatibility list here.


You can find the EN-US download for Management Reporter CU16 here:


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