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Management Reporter 2012 CU11 for Dynamics AX 2012 is now available (Hotfix 4 Update)

Management Reporter 2012 CU11 (version 2.1.11000.32) has been formally posted and ready for customers to download (NOTE: 4 Hotfixes have been released for this CU release. Please review the details of each Hotfix below).


*****CU11 Hotfix 4 is now available***** 

A final optional hotfix rollup is now available for Management Reporter 2012 CU11. This hotfix contains all of the bugs the MR 2012 development team have completed fixing in the last few weeks or so. You can apply this hotfix release if there is a bug impacting your team, or you can wait until the next cumulative update release (just like previous releases) - CU12, slated to be released mid to late April 2015.

This hotfix (HF4) requires CU11 Hotfix 2 (2.1.11002.5) as the base. Hotfix 3 is also recommended, but not required. There is an update to the server only. There are no localized files included in this hotfix, so all locales will use the same hotfix package. There was some confusion in the past hotfix on how to determine your Management Reporter version. Depending on the type of fixes, the Configuration Console and the Report Designer may not always increase in version number. The best way to review your version is to compare version numbers, and then also go to add and remove programs and click view installed updates.

Here is a example screenshot where HF2 is installed as the base (2.1.11002), and that both HF3 (Hotfix 3359612) and HF4 (Hotfix 3387041) have been installed.


Bug ID

3595667 CheckMainSegmentId sub query should be configurable for timeout value for large data sets
3373858 BASE-1:BASE Periodic column with a YTD column errors when drilling to transaction level
3386323 Syntax error/report fails to generate when using a Dimension Filter in a column definition when the DataMartMAXDOP option is set to 0 or greater
3408094 Report generation performance issue when using 1 million or more codes in a single dimension
3404939 Budget entry with Budget Control will cause MERGE error on Scenario table after initial integration
3318210 dimComboRow INSERT query slow without any INNER JOINs on DimensionValue due to formatting


The hotfix has been posted to CustomerSource.


Version History:

Management Reporter CU11 RTM (removed) - 2.1.11000.32

Management Reporter CU11 Hotfix 1 and Re-Release - 2.1.11001.1

Management Reporter CU11 Hotfix 2 - 2.1.11002.5

Management Reporter CU11 Hotfix 3 - 2.1.11002.11

Management Reporter CU11 Hotfix 4 - As mentioned above, the best way to see if HF4 is installed is to view installed updates, rather than relying on a version number.




*****CU11 Hotfix 3 is now available***** 

An optional hotfix rollup is now available for Management Reporter 2012 CU11. This hotfix contains all of the bugs we have completed fixing in the last three weeks. You can take the hotfix release if there is a bug impacting you, or you can wait until there is a cumulative update available, just like previous releases.

This hotfix requires CU11 Hotfix 2 (2.1.11002.5) as the base. You will need to upgrade from a prior release to Management Reporter CU11 HF2 first, then apply HF3. There is both an update to the client and the server. There are no localized files included in this hotfix, so all locales will use the same hotfix package

Bug ID

3249707 System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException causing Process Service to stop from a scheduled report
3248432 Generating to a Report Group to Excel adds or removes formatting lines from individual reports
3214748 Issues moving Reporting Tree Definitions between folders
3373819 Generator and Designer users lose access to companies with CU11 HF2
3322491 Report Designer crash issues when modifying building blocks



*****CU11 Hotfix 2 is now available***** 

For the CU11 release, Microsoft has decided to make hotfix releases every few weeks to eliminate bugs in a more efficient manner and getting necessary fixes in the hands of customers that need them quickly.

You can apply this hotfix release (and future hotfix releases) if there is a bug impacting your current MR 2012 environment, or wait the next major CU update release.

This hotfix can be used as an upgrade from a previous release of Management Reporter, upgrade from CU11 Hotfix 1, or as a new full installation. The hotfix will require you to upgrade both the Management Reporter and the data mart database.

Bug ID

3278977 Generator and Designer users do not have access to any companies
3268668  Customer Name transaction attribute not correct when using a virtual company with a shared table collection that includes CustTable
3298557  Maintenance task execution causing informational messages in SQL log
3274360  Foreign key constraint error when removing a user from Management Reporter with an AX integration
3214544  Data mart integration user is not provided with the ALTER permission when granted the view change tracking permission which causes an error when running update statistics
3214713  In the Web Viewer, there is no indication of currently active reporting tree node
3213580  BASE+1:12 does not work in a column definition
3239105 Initial Transaction to Fact error causes secondary SQL Datetime overflow error many times
3249707  You receive a System.ArguementOutOfRangeException that causes the Process Service to stop from a scheduled report

The EN-US version of this hotfix is posted to CustomerSource. The localized versions will be uploaded within the next few days.



A bug was found in CU11 data mart integrations that removes company access for users in the generator and designer roles. This bug will prevent the user from logging into any company and will prevent them from generating any reports. If anyone has downloaded CU11 we would recommend the following:

  • Delete any downloads containing the 2.1.11000.32 build
  • Download the new CU11 build 2.1.11001.1. This can be used as an upgrade from the initial CU11 release, or as the CU11 full release including the fix for this issue.
  • If you have already installed CU11 with AX 2012, you will need to apply the update and make sure the integration is enabled. The next time the company to company map runs it will resynchronize company security from AX.
  • Contact the support team if you have any questions or need assistance with the update.



Here’s a summary of the new Management Reporter CU11 features:

  • Drill into TOT rows from Web Viewer
  • Ability to select closing period(s) in Management Reporter managed in Microsoft Dynamics AX 
  • Improved performance for integration and report generation

*** Please don't forget to log your suggestions and secure your votes for new functional enhancements to be added to future releases of Management Reporter 2012 at Microsoft Connect  ***


MR 2012 CU11 Update new feature details and demos:


  •  Drill down on total rows in the web viewer (CU11 Feature):

When viewing a report, it's often helpful to not only be able to drill into the support account and transaction detail, but also into the total rows (TOT). With Management Reporter 2012 CU11, we can now drill into those total rows (TOT) from the web viewer.

As normal, we start off by generating the report at the financial level, as depicted in the screen shot below

Once the Income Statement is generated and displayed in the MR 2012 Web Viewer, we now want to drill down on the Total Revenue line (the TOT line) to reveal the detailed TOT calculation that makes up that total. When we take our mouse pointer and hover over the TOT line Total Revenue, it turns into a drill-down link like other data rows. See the screen shot below.

Once the drill-down link is revealed, we then click on that link to see the calculation rows that make up the Total Revenue TOT row calculation, as shown below:


***Stay tuned as this section will be updated periodically*** 


MR 2012 CU11 product fixes for new/outstanding known issues from MR 2012 CU10 release:


Features added:

Related Suggestions



Drill-down on TOT rows


Ability to choose which closing periods to include in Management Reporter columns



Issues fixed:

Microsoft Dynamics Bug ID



Trying to modify a Dimension Set that contains a blank line causes Management Reporter to close unexpectedly


Excluding users from a role in Microsoft Dynamics AX does not remove them from Management Reporter


Active Directory groups in Microsoft Dynamics AX are included in the Management Reporter data mart


Update format codes, print controls, page options and column restrictions to be friendlier, localizable terms


The Generate to a single report library and link location gets deleted when the Report Group Definition form is opened and saved without making any changes


After a generated report opens in the Report Viewer, clicking the Report Library button shows a blank report list


Removing Indent from a row in the row definition doesn't update font override setting


No periods display when using the P=B print control and hardcoding periods into the column definition


Retained earnings are calculated taking the full opening balance each year times the exchange rate instead of the entry each year times the exchanged resulting in incorrect data


Data mart integration fails to recover after being disconnected from SQL Server


Conditional Print Control with period ranges doesn’t work the same between Management Reporter 2.0 and Management Reporter 2012


Currency methods aren't consistent in how exchange rate expiration dates are honored


Box border doesn't outline the correct column when using column restrictions and conditional printing


Report Viewer closes unexpectedly when drilling to transaction detail if comments exist at transaction level and the data mart has been rebuilt


Column Restriction (DR/CR) doesn't work when also using a Currency Display and Currency Filter in the same column


Export and include formulas in Excel fail with a dictionary error when the total row references a row that doesn't return data


Export and include formulas in Excel fail with a variableOffsets error when a TOT range start or end are not next to a row that generates data


Report Viewer closed unexpectedly with the following error when trying to print or export to Excel with "Selected reporting units" option selected: "Specified cast is not valid"


Management Reporter 2012 data mart pre-deployment scripts time out after two minutes


If there are more than 2100 versions of a report, an error is displayed in the web viewer and the report is not displayed


When using conflicting attribute filters on row and column definitions, data is returned for both conditions


Transactions entered in a currency other than the functional currency with a zero rate (resulting in no functional amount) aren't integrated correctly into the data mart


Export and include formulas in Excel fail with rows with X0 format codes that don't return data


Error with Fact task "Conversion overflows" / "SqlDateTime overflow. Must be between 1/1/1753 12:00:00 AM and 12/31/9999 11:59:59 PM"


IF statements in row definitions overwrite column calculations when rounding adjustments are used


Unexpected error in the Management Reporter data mart integration when projects are updated in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012


When validating or submitting an XBRL instance document, the follow error occurs: "An unknown error occurred while validating or submitting the XBRL instance document."


Current Translation Type accounts don't calculate beginning balance correctly if the fiscal years and/or periods aren't added to the data mart in chronological order


With a large number of reports in the Management Reporter data base, the CU10 upgrade causes disk space issues and the upgrade may not complete


Performance issues with adding users and companies to the data mart if a large number of users and companies are in Microsoft Dynamics AX


When upgrading data mart database to CU10 if the data mart database and/or log is larger than 2 GB the following error occurs: "Specified size is less than or equal to current size"


Data mart integration fails when the collation is different between tempdb and the data mart database


Performance issues generating reports


Performance issues and data base growth when dimension combinations are integrated into all companies in a partition


A few other important notes:

You can find the download for Management Reporter CU11 here:



****NOTE: You can view which ERP versions are supported by this hotfix by reviewing our compatibility list here.****

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  1. Harini says:

    Thanks For Your valuable posting,this is for wonderful sharing,i would  like to see more information from your side.i am working in <a href="">Erp In Chennai</a>

  2. Kevin Sifford says:

    Hi Patrick…

    This changes between ERPs so it can appear odd. The AX companies are imported with the integration task not the import companies button. The button is used for GP but not AX. If you have started the integration you should be able to view the integrated companies. If not, clicking the refresh companies button should allow you to see them. Otherwise, you may be experiencing issue(s) with the integration and then you will need to look at the results of the load in the datamart log to see if any errors are occurring.



  3. Patrick Carreon says:

    Thanks for the comment Kevin. BTW ERP is Dynamics AX..

  4. If your ERP is Dynamics GP,  you need to navigate (in GP) to Tools >> Setup >> Company >> Company. Click on the Options button and you would see a new section called Management Reporter.

    There, we enable the General Ledger Reporting and Analytical Accounting Reporting for a company inside Management Reporter from this section. Once the option is turned on, we can exit Configuration Console, open it again to see that this GP company has been integrated into Management Reporter.



  5. Hi Patrick…is your ERP Dynamics GP or Dynamics AX?



  6. Patrick Carreon says:

    I've installed MR cu 11 with hotfix 2 with no error, but when opening config. console, the option company import is missing under my ERP integration.. ive also enabled integration. please help

  7. Carla Woods says:

    Great article Kevin Sifford!

  8. Traceflags... says:


    Still checking on this one.  However, in the meantime, we’ve seen customers change the is_event_logged value in the sys.messages table so that the traceflags aren’t populating the event viewer any longer.



  9. Initial Transaction to Fact error causes secondary SQL Datetime overflow error many times says:

    Hi Shreedhara…

    Example of failure:

    Underlying data issues such as a record in the GeneralJournalAccountEntry with a reference to GeneralJournalEntry that is missing, will initially throw a Ledger missing for transaction error, but then there will be large amounts of SQL date time overflow errors both in the integration logs and the Event Viewer. This makes it difficult to find the initial error causing the issue as well as floods the Event Viewer typically causing it to rollover a number of times so that all that exists in the logs are these MR errors.

    If you go back to where the error had first appeared you may see another error first reported before the date error started to occur. If you are unable to find the first error I would recommend restarting the integration with a verbose log enabled and then we’ll be able to view the original error (if you need steps to capture a verbose log just let me know).



  10. Tommy Skaue says:

    Is there any way to prevent Management Reporter to keep turning on TraceFlags 2371 and 610 for each database session. I am happy to turn these on globally.

  11. shreedhara says:

    Dear Kevin,

    Greeting for the day…..

    Am facing an technical issue in Management Reporter CU11 2.1.11001.1 as below.

    *SqlDateTime overflow. Must be between 1/1/1753 12:00:00 AM and 12/31/9999 11:59:59 PM

    Even after updating the MR as per your above blog.

    Kindly Please let me know what exactly the reason behind this error



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