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Management Reporter 2012 CU10 for Dynamics AX 2012 is now available!

If you have any question with regards to ERP versions supported by this release, please review the compatibility list here.

Management Reporter 2012 CU10 (version 2.1.10001.112 & w/ Hotfix 2.1.10001.126 - see below) has been formally posted and ready for customers to download.

This update release for MR 2012 contains enhancements around some of the most voted on suggestions in MSConnect including export to Excel enhancements and suppressing account category details on reports. 

Here’s a summary of the new Management Reporter CU10 features:

  • Export row-based TOT formulas to Excel
  • An additional parameter has been added to control header and footer options for exporting to Excel in page view vs. normal view
  • Removed account category from showing in the viewer and exported reports
  • Improved generation and viewing performance if using SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition
  • Improved integration performance for large ERP databases
  • Additional fixes for product defects


MR 2012 CU10 Update new feature details and demos:

  • Export row-based TOT formulas to Excel (CU10): One of the most voted for features for Management Reporter 2012 in Microsoft Connect is the ability to include formulas when downloading reports to Microsoft Excel. In Management Reporter 2012 CU10, users will be able to include TOT row formulas in downloaded Excel files. Check out the video below to see this feature action:

***PLEASE NOTE***  A couple of issues have been found pertaining to this newly introduced functionality, and Microsoft has posted a hotfix MR 2012 CU10 HF1 (2.1.10001.126) that addresses the problems users are/were experiencing when downloading reports with formulas. You can download the hotfix here within the Current Release Downloads section of the page.

Also note that Microsoft Connect is used by the MR 2012 development team to track suggestions that are important to customers. Many customers have asked when column formulas will be added to Management Reporter since TOT row formulas are now available. To track these specific requests, two new suggestions have been entered, one for CAL rows formulas and one for CALC column formulas. Please use these suggestions moving forward to help us prioritize these additional features for future releases of Management Reporter.


  • An additional parameter has been added to control header and footer options for exporting to Excel in page view vs. normal view (CU10): Report headers provide context for your reports. Depending on what you need to do with those reports, you may want to see the headers within the report body itself or only when viewing it in a page view. In Management Reporter 2012 CU10, two new options have been added to the report definition to allow you to choose where reports headers are displayed when the report is downloaded to Microsoft Excel. For more information on this feature, check out the video in the link below:


  • Account category display in Management Reporter reports (CU10):Having clean and easy to read reports is important. It let's users focus on the report data quickly. With Management Reporter 2012 CU10, the account category description and dimension are no longer displayed when users drill down to the account and transaction detail levels in a Management Reporter report.This is what the drill down looked like in a report generated prior to CU10:

You can see the description on each line is appended with the account category description, in this case "Cash," and the account string also contains the account category ID, which is also "CASH."

And here is the same report generated using CU10:

The account category description and ID aren't displayed in the report making it easier to focus and find data in the report.

One thing to note, reports generated prior to CU10 aren't updated as part of the upgrade process. These reports will still display the account category information in them. All reports generated after applying CU10 won't display the account category information.

***MR 2012 CU10 HF2 (2.1.10001.135) has been released***

 This SECOND hotfix addresses issues with data mart integrations for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, data mart loading and SQL connectivity, translating opening balances, and downloading formulas Microsoft Excel. You can download the hotfix here within the Current Release Downloads section of the page.


Additional MR 2012 CU10 product fixes for new/outstanding known issues from MR 2012 CU9 release:

Microsoft Dynamics Bug ID



During data mart Configuration Management Reporter is incorrectly validating the version of SQL


Column Justification setting doesn't export to Excel


The operation could not be completed due to a problem in the data provider framework when Company does not contain a current year


When configuring a Dynamics AX 2012 Data Mart the next button may not work when multiple integrations are running on the same AX database


Dynamics AX totaling account updates aren't reflected in Report Designer


Missing Account Analysis is timing out


Poor performance for a very large number of currencies and exchange rates


Duplicate amounts when same dimension used in row and tree


CBR calculation shows zero at account level when using rounding in the report definition


Confirmed budget encumbrance reporting incorrect amounts for Dynamics AX


Report Designer closes unexpectedly in Dimensions window when 201+ dimensions lines exist


Transaction detail descriptions showing for NP Column


Case difference in Dynamics AX AOS server integration configuration causes UNIQUE KEY constraint 'UC_ControlFolderIntegration_Name_SourceID' error on Hierarchies task


Base period list does not originate from the Base year shown when Report Definition is opened (first year's periods shown) for Dynamics AX companies


Slow performance during Dynamics AX data mart load when querying the count() on BUDGETPLANchanges


Documentation: Migration Wizard - Reporting tree additional text is not migrated from FRx


More than 32,768 units in a Tree causes "The INSERT statement conflicted with the CHECK constraint "CK_ReportUnit_Index". The conflict occurred in database "ManagementReporter", table "dbo.ReportUnit", column 'Index'.


Rounding of thousands or greater returns incorrect data (decimal place issue) on a CALC column at the Account Detail Level


NP on DESC column causes error in Web Viewer


"Dynamics cannot show the selected item" error in web viewer when using the Open in Microsoft Dynamics/Drill to Dynamics feature for an encumbrance column with Dynamics AX 2012


Documentation: Management Reporter 2012 CU 9 system requirement doc does not specify service pack 2 requirement for Windows Server 2008


Unique Fiscal Year with Calc Column returning "An unknown error has occurred while processing report"


No warning when admin attempts to connect to existing data mart database and data already exists in data base


Adding a specific dimension to row definition with CU9 causes invalid report data


Fiscal Years task errors on LoadMatchingFiscalYears with "An item with the same key has already been added"


Calculation/Total in row will be incorrect when it pulls from two other calculations/totals below it and tree is being used


Missing transaction drill down details when using Dimension Filter in column


Range of account on Row isn't returning expected data with the data mart


Can't drag and drop report to a different folder in the Report Viewer with CU9


Moving the Management Reporter database to different server causes Decrypt error to occur multiple times every minute


Ampersands (&) are removed on export to excel from report header


Adding DR and CR Print Control to Row Definition using XBRL Taxonomy returns error and crashes


Performance improvements based on issues seen moving from RU5 to CU9



A few other important notes:

  • All customers will have their data mart reset as part of the upgrade. Prior to installing or upgrading Management Reporter, please review the Readme file for important system updates.

You can find the download for Management Reporter CU10 here: Please note that at the time of this posting the en-us version is available for download; all other versions will be available within the next 24 hours at the same download location.

If you have any question with regards to ERP versions supported by this release, please review the compatibility list here.

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