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Lifecycle Services Diagnostics for Management Reporter and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

It is exciting to make you all aware that eight new diagnostics scripts are now included for AX2012 specific to GL and Budgeting that help identify data inconsistencies that cause issues for Management Reporter integrations and incorrect reporting results.

These scripts check for invalid data within General Ledger and Budgeting that can cause MR 2012 reports to produce incorrect results. We found, during the testing process of these new scripts, that the cause of invalid data found in these diagnostics was sourced by imported data or data changed directly in SQL tables via server inserts, updates, or deletes.

Once a project in LCS has been created (by a customer/partner here:, click on system diagnostic, and follow the steps on the admin page to get started. Diagnostics will run upon initial installation, and will continue to run on a regular scheduled basis.

The diagnostics will check for the following and any issues found will show up on the dashboard as such:

  • A warning will be produced when any MainAccount doesn't have an account category assigned. This can cause incorrect values when using the default reports in Management Reporter.
  • An error will be produced when an invalid Ledger value is assigned within a General Ledger or Budgeting transaction.
  • An error will be produced when transactions are missing their header record within a General Ledger or Budgeting transaction.
  • An error will be produced when a Budget Register transaction has an invalid dataarea assigned.
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