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How to measure the performance of the Dynamics AX 2012 forms

When users complain about the performance of the system, sometimes it’s a challenge to measure the performance of the forms. If you want a quick measurement for what forms a user is using in the AX Client and tracking the form events triggered in the form (open, close), at what time, computer name, duration in milliseconds you can use the Client Access Log. The administrator can  enable the client access log at the user level and the user actions will be recorded in a new table called SysClientAccessLog. There is no form/UI available for this functionality but you can download a sample XPO here. (This xpo is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights).

Procedure: How to View the User Activity

  1. Launch SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Select “Databases -> Microsoft Dynamics AX”, and click “New Query”
  3. On the new query window, type (For example):update USERINFO set CLIENTACCESSLOGLEVEL = 1 where id = ‘admin’

4.     Next, we will import the XPO project to view the client access log.

 Launch Dynamics AX client again.  Press “Ctrl+D” to launch the development workspace.

5. Enable the logging for all users:

  • Open the AOT
  • In the AOT go to Security > Roles
  • Locate the SystemUser role
  • Expand SystemUser role and then expand the Permissions node
  • Within the permissions, right click on the Tables node and choose New Table
  • You should now see a NewTable object created beneath ‘Tables’
  • Right click on the NewTable and choose properties
  • In the properties window set the ‘Table’ property to SysClientAccessLog
  • In the properties window set the Effective access to Create
  • At the top of the AOT window click the Save all button to save your changes to the System User role

Once this is completed, users would have to logout and back in for the change to take effect, but this should give all users within the System User role access to insert to the SysClientAccessLog.

6. To generate some entries in the client access log, perform some activities with AX.

Launch Dynamics AX Client.  Launch the “Accounts Receivables -> All customers” form. Close the AX client.

7. Open Application Object Tree (AOT) and go to Forms\ClientAccessLogListPage and open the form.

If want, you can export the data in Excel

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