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DynamicsPerf 2.0 Release Candidate 0 is HERE !!

Release Candidate 0 is finally complete.  You can find the download here: DynamicsPerf 2.0.

A big THANK YOU to my early testers of RC0!! They were able to help me find a last minute issue which was the cause of the delay between when I posted the What's New in DynamicsPerf 2.0 Release Candidate 0 and now. Please review the What’s New article for all the new retention options.  If you have a large memory system with many users you will want to use some of these new options to control the size of the DynamicsPerf database.


Rod “Hotrod” Hansen

Comments (4)
  1. Hi,

    Is there a deployment guide for release 2.0?


    1. Hi Luis,

      Please have a look at the two posts that explain the installation and deployment of DynamicsPerf 2.0:

      Should you have any comment please let us know as we will continue to facilitate it.


      1. Excellent, thank you!

  2. Greg Y says:

    This is great! The Analysis scripts really help find some issues I would not even have thought of. Two additional suggestions I would consider adding to the analysis scripts that have performance impact:

    1. Trigger Analysis – what triggers exist on each table. One example I found was the existence of three AFTER UPDATE triggers on a single table.
    2. Change Tracking Analysis – There already exists a query to show what tables are enabled, but something additional like what is retention rate, and is retention rate working (found this from brent ozar’s site). Is the retention set properly, is cleanup happening as expected, etc.

    Otherwise the existing analysis scripts has helped me in identifying duplicate/obsolete indexes, long running queries, xppdebug is enabled in prod, deadlocks, etc. Not having to reinvent the xevent collection and write the TSQL to query the files was a huge help.

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