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DynamicsPerf 2.0 Nov. 2017 Patch is Released !!

With the move over to Github: , we have also posted a new patch for DynamicsPerf 2.0.



New SSRS reports – Updated reports based on the INDEX_HISTORY table in DynamicsPerf

New and improved sample queries



Improved collection to better limit the SIZE of DynamicsPerf  !!


We have been testing this patch on customers for several months to confirm we have addressed the size of the DynamicsPerf database issue. The root cause of the issues was how Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 generates SQL statements for AX tables on TempDb.  This was causing SQL to generate new Query Hash values every time the statements were run thus adding to the data collected by Dynamicsperf and QUERY Store in SQL Server 2016 and above.  With this patch, we no longer collect the QUERY PLAN for these statements in DynamicsPerf and we only collect the query information for these AX specific TempDb queries that take longer than 100ms.

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