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DynamicsPerf 1.20 RTM is HERE !!


I would like to announce that the RTM build of DynamicsPerf 1.20 has been posted to  There is an upgrade script for both 1.20 RC0 and for those running on 1.16. 

A big thank you to everyone that gave feedback on this version!!

I will be authoring a series of blog articles called DynamicsPerf Deep Dive, so check back for that series of blogs.

You can find the install instructions here :

Core Installation:

Dynamics AX install:

 Using DynamicsPerf in a Dev/Test environment:



Rod ‘Hotrod’ Hansen

Comments (5)
  1. Moss IT says:

    Thank you.  It is showing that we are in version 1.15.   Is there a way to update that version with scripts?

  2. Rod Hansen says:

    Select * from DynamicsPerf_Setup  

    there is a version stamp in this table.

  3. Mark says:

    Hi Rod,

    How can we tell which version of DynamicsPerf we have?  I would like to upgrade ours because I know it is not the newest 1.20 version, but im not sure if there is another version earlier than then 1.16.   Also, I cant seem to find the upgrade script you said was available.  

  4. Rod Hansen says:

    Thank you for the report.  Normally, the show advanced is on because the installation scripts enable Blocked Process Threshold for our blocking routines.  It appears that somebody turned it off in your case.  I will add some code in the next release to check for this.  We enable 'Ad Hoc Distributed Queries' to do an openrowset to get the DBCC LOGINFO for each database.  This is the virtual log file query in 3-Analyze SQL Configuration.  We do turn it back off for security reasons.

  5. Navid says:

    Hi Rob, I recently installed DynamicsPerf 1.20 and while checking the state of capture stat job I found out that it was failing on the 'SQL Virtual Log Files Information' step. Although the try catch block is there it still didn't execute the remaining steps.

    It turned out that 'show advanced options' was not set to 1 on the SQL server and as a result when the script was trying to enable 'Ad Hoc Distributed Queries' it was getting an error. I hope this can be either corrected in the next version or a note added to the installation guide.


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