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Premier Services for Dynamics 365 for Operations and Dynamics AX


You can see the complete list of Premier Services for Dynamics 365 for Operation and Dynamics AX on the page here:

Premier Offerings for Dynamics 365 for Operations

This list contains all the Proactive Services that Premier Field Engineer can provide to Premier Customer & Partners.



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  1. Hi Amy. If I am not currently a ‘Premier’ customer, how could I get access to these services?

    1. Hello Chris,

      First option is to become a Premier Customer! It is not that hard, you just need to sign a Premier contract with your local Microsoft sub. The contract can be a minmum one with only one proactive services or it can be extended to other services, including D.S.E and Reactive Hours.

      Secondly, you could rely on the Premier contract of your Partner to get it delivered.


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