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Drip, Drip, Drip time to patch SQL 2012 SP1

For those Dynamics customers on SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 or above, Cumulative Update 7 is released

  There are 2 memory leaks that have been patched that impact Dynamics AX:


Dynamics AX uses these features.  I've personally seen this at customers with AX 2009 and AX2012. 

You can run the following query to monitor for the issue:

select type, sum(pages_in_bytes)/1024.0/1024.00 'Mem in MB', count (*) 'row count' from sys.dm_os_memory_objects where type like '%MEMOBJ_COMPILE_ADHOC%'
group by type

For those of you on Service Pack 1, please consider my previous blog:

So, please plan on patching your SQL servers at your earliest opportunity.



Comments (5)
  1. Considering AX almost exclusively using the SQL Cursor API this is rather SIGNIFICANT.

  2. Mark says:

    Pfew…. SQL2012 is by far most not the most stable SQL version Microsoft has released. CU updates and servicepacks we know from them from all times but these serious issues all in the SQL 2012 product, and in the SQL OLTP engine are really suprising me.

    But a good and clear aticle to address these issues, thanks!

  3. Rod Hansen says:

    Consider CU7 as the minimum to install as CU 8 was mostly for SSAS and SSRS.  CU 9 is coming and will have some additional fixes that may impact some of our Dynamics AX customers.  I'll post about that once it comes out.  

  4. norelc says:

    CU8 came out in January –…/2917531

  5. norelc says:

    CU8 came out in January –

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