Dynamics Ax 2009 Retail Error Messages & Possible resolutions

Dynamics Ax 2009 Retail Error messages & Possible resolutions:   Error Code Title Error Description Possible Resolution 0                  Error on sending   request The distribution server for the location has not been specified in Retail Scheduler. Modify the location by specifying the distribution server for the location (Retail scheduler >  Common forms > Locations). 4096       …

Comparing AX and Active Directory User Accounts

I was recently working with an AX 2009 customer who wanted to compare the user accounts configured in AX with the user accounts in Active Directory. The basic goals were: Find all AX user accounts that no longer exist in Active Directory. Find all accounts that are disabled in Active Directory but not in AX….


Are your AX 2012 AOS servers load balancing?

If you’re familiar with how AX 2009 load balancing works, you might get caught off guard when you find out that standard AX 2012 AOS clustering only load balances some of the communication to your AOS servers. The rest may only be going to a single server without you knowing about it. If that’s the…