Cross-Post: Performance improvements that may affect test automation code

A performance improvement related to UI and data may affect test automation. This can apply to manually authored tests using form adaptors / type providers, or a recorded test where a platform or app update moves a control used in the test. For more details, please read this blog post on the community site.


Enabling X++ Code Coverage in Visual Studio and Automated Build

To enable code coverage for X++ code in your test automation, a few things have to be setup. Typically, more tweaking is needed since you will likely be using some platform/foundation/appsuite objects and code, and don’t want code coverage to show up for those. Additionally, the X++ compiler generates some extra IL to support certain features,…


Test Attributes and Filtering

By popular demand, Platform Update 12 contains improvements on SysTest class and method attributes in X++, and how they behave in the Visual Studio test window as well as the VS Test Console, which is the tool used in the automated build process. Our goal was to improve and support the major test attributes in…


Pointing Build Definitions to Specific VMs (agents)

We’ve recently collaborated with some customers who are upgrading from previous releases of Dynamics 365 to the recent July 2017 application. These customers typically have to support their existing live environment on the older application, but also produce builds on the newer application (with newer platform). Currently the build agent is not aware of the…


How to setup build agent and create a build definition manually

If you run into any issue with your build machine deployment and would like to manually retry the build agent setup and build definition creation, then follow these steps (These steps are for a build environment machine deployed from LCS. Developer machine will not have the folder and files mentioned below) Setup build agent Open powershell command…


Automated testing guidance for AX 7

Couple of links that will be helpful while thinking about testing in general   X++ test attributes Attribute Name Usage SysTestMethod A method decorated with this attribute in a Test Class is considered as Test method (you can also just start the method name with ‘test’ and it will…


VSTS Integration: Errors and Resolutions

This article provides a comprehensive list of error message and resolution that the user or IT administrator can run into on Dynamics Lifecycle Services during deployment of Build agent. Resolution in most cases is to fix configuration issues in VSTS. Note – All of the errors related to permissions can be avoided if the personal access token associated with…


Configuring VSTS with Dynamics Lifecycle Services for Continuous Integration

Dynamics lifecycle services provides you with the capability to provision custom build agents as part of you LCS project. While developing an AX solution; using the build environment gears you up to follow the best practices for continuous integration of Dynamics AX application. Continuous Integration allows you to Follow the optimal branching and source/version control strategy…


Dynamics AX Application Test Strategy

Dynamics AX provides a fully features testing framework that works in a pattern similar to any xUnit test harness. This harness allows developers to author unit, component and scenario level tests. Additionally, since the development environment is integrated with Visual Studio, there are many productivity enhancing developer scenarios like better debugging, diagnostics and code analysis…


AX Source Control and Branching Guidelines

The source control system supported by AX Developer ALM system is VSTS based TFVC (Team Foundation Version Control). If you are new to TFVC, please check – Develop and share your code in TFVC using Visual Studio TFVC is a centralized version control system that storing source code in shared repositories, isolate parallel development efforts,…