Update to the Windows Store Expenses App

Over the last few months we’ve been working on adding more features to the Windows Store apps for Dynamics AX 2012. We’ll be doing a series of blog posts to cover these updates starting with the Expenses app.

On our partnersource page we have made available the following hotfix (http://support2.microsoft.com/hotfix/KBHotfix.aspx?kbnum=2963242).

Once applied, it will enable the following features for the Expenses app.

  1. Itemization
  2. Policy justifications
  3. Delegates
  4. Guests
  5. Various bugs fixes and other improvements

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  1. Marcia Pelaez Gonzalez says:

    I’m trying to follow the steps from your documentation, but had to make some changes.. because I’m not purchasing a certificate

    I have been able to install & configure with Federation services 3.0 and Certificate services (Windows 2012)…

    The connector is working.. also de Federation services URL can sign in a machine from another network..

    But the mobile application never connects even though the signing completes successfully. If I try to see what's happening with fiddler.. I only can see that the signon completed but no error is shown.

    Thank you!

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