Dimension defaulting in accounting distributions, Part 5 – Defaulting for related documents

Until now we looked at defaulting within the context of a single document - a purchase order. Documents can be created based on other documents. For example a purchase order can be created based on a purchase requisition or a product receipt based on a purchase order. In these scenarios dimension values from the predecessor document are also used to default into accounting distributions.

The below screenshot shows accounting distributions for a purchase order for a procurement category Workplace services. The accounting distribution for extended price has been split into 2 distributions. The line default value 00000024 for Department has been modified from 00000024 to 00000026 on line 1 and from 00000022 to 00000025 on line 2.  

Image 001 - PO Accounting distributions procurement category split


When the product receipt is created from this purchase order the accounting distributions for the receipt line will be split in the same ratio as the purchase order and will have the same dimension values as the purchase order distributions. In the below shown example in Image 002 the product receipt triggers a different main account (211250) which requires an additional dimension for Purpose. The value for Purpose (Site1) has been defaulted from the purchase order line default dimensions.

Image 002 - Accounting distributions for the product receipt

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