Dimension defaulting in accounting distributions, Part 3 – Splitting and defaulting using Financial dimension default templates and Main account allocation rules

Accounting distributions for a document amount can be split in most cases. Splitting can be done manually within the accounting distributions form. The system also splits accounting distributions when the user applies a Financial dimension default template or based on defined Main account allocation rules. Splitting manually or by applying a Financial dimension default template is only possible for document lines for procurement categories or non-stocked items. Main account allocation rules can always be applied.


Financial dimension default templates

Image 001 – Financial dimension default template

If a template is used to split accounting distributions, dimension values will be taken first from the financial dimension default template. If a dimension value is not provided by the template then the defaulting logic described in a previous blog entry Basic defaulting sequence and priorities is used.

Assume we defined the following Financial dimension default template which splits into 4 distributions. Note that not all dimension values are provided by the template.

The financial dimension values on the document line are set for BusinessUnit and Department


The Financial dimension values on the Main account are set for all dimensions


As a result of this setup the system determines the below split accounting distributions for an extended price of 1,000.00 (colors mark the origin of a value).

For example dimension ItemGroup for the distribution for 100.00 is not available on the template or the document line. Since value TV for dimension ItemGroup is set on the main account it will be defaulted from there.




Main account allocation rules

Accounting distributions can also be split based on Main account allocation rules as shown in below image 002.

Image 002 – Main account allocation rule

Dimension values for an allocation can either be taken from the source distribution (Keep transaction financial dimension checkbox) or explicitly specified. In above example 10% of any vendor invoice discount is explicitly allocated to department 022 – Sales & Marketing. For the other dimensions values are kept from the source distribution.

Allocation rules and financial dimension default templates can be combined. If both are applied then first distribution for allocations are created and then the template is applied for each allocated distribution. In below example the resulting accounting distributions for an allocation rule in combination with a financial dimension default template is shown.


Allocation rule

Above allocation rules allocate a given transaction to 2 main accounts (0115 and 0116) and explicit specified dimension value.

Financial dimension default template

Above financial dimension default template splits each accounting distributions into 3 new accounting distributions


Resulting accounting distributions


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  1. Christian Silva says:


    I can't find the form Allocation Rule as shown on image 002, can you tell where it is?

  2. Ho to get to allocaton terms on main account says:

    Edit a main account and set the level of main account to Company and pick a company.

    Then you will see a checkbox Allocation on General tab.

    Once checked you can click the action Allocation terms on General tab

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