Extending the Source Document Framework

The upcoming series of blog posts is created to help developers new to Source Document Framework flatten the learning curve and quickly get up and running with their own source document extensions.

The information presented here is covering the mainstream scenario.

It is divided into 6 steps:

Step 1: Prerequisite - create your document

Step 2: Perform initial wiring to Source Document Framework – tables and maps

Step 3: Perform initial wiring to Source Document Framework – document classes

Step 4: Add Source Document Framework forms to your document UI

Step 5: Add code to distribute and journalize source document amounts

Step 6: Implement confirmation/posting of your document

Comments (4)
  1. Jonathan says:

    Hi Jarek. Are there any additional documents available for covering more non-mainstream scenarios. We have quite a complex scenario that we are stuggling with and are in need of some additional resources.

  2. Additional resources I recommend:

    1. "Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012" book, Chapter 19, Application Domain Frameworks.

    2. AX 2012 source code with multiple concrete examples of complex source documents.

  3. Jesús Miranda says:

    Has anyone implemented this Framework with Public Sector option specifically in Purch Commitment??.. Is really hard to understant this framework with this option.


  4. Saju K says:

    Hi Jarek,

       I need to calculate the withholding tax for the PO during invoice. Distribution should show the calculated amount along with ledger accounts which is attached on the tax code master. During invoice it should post to respective ledger accounts.

    How can I customize. Really hard to understand the logic behind this framework.


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