Welcome to the Microsoft Dynamics AX Global Financial Management (GFM) team blog. My name is John Healy. I am a Principal Software Architect on the GFM team. I’m very excited to launch this blog. This blog will focus on providing technical and application information related to the frameworks and applications for which the GFM team is responsible. Our first series of blog postings will be focusing on extending the source document framework. The source document framework was introduced in AX 2012. It provides a model for defining source documents, documenting business events, and recording the accounting impact of the business events.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Todd Olson says:

    Thanks to the team on the great info on Source Document Framework (SDF)!  Please followup with a post describing 'Project and Ledger Posting Integration' within the SDF.

  2. John Healy says:

    Thanks for the good suggestions Todd. We'll try to get to these soon.

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