Enabling Enterprise Portal and other websites access in AX 2012 VM – Please also read if you want to know more about Hyper-V

I noticed that i was unable to access enterprise portal and some other websites in the latest AX 2012 VM I downloaded.

To resolve the access issues I had to add some IPs to the Hyper-V  internal network adapter in the VM. In case you are not familiar with internal and external network adapters, let me take you through a quick introduction on the same. If you are familiar with these you can skip the below section and check the IP configurations required-

In Hyper-V virtual switch manager there are 2 types of network adapters you can create

Virtual Switch Manager

1. Internal - For enabling communication between the host (your physical machine) and the VM (also referred as guest mc)

2. External - For enabling communication of your VM with the internet access provided to your host machine.

Create an internal network adapter and an external network adapter on your host machine. Refer below screen shot


Next step is to assign these adapters to your VM. You might need to create network adapters in the VM settings, but this can be done only if the VM is shut down. Refer below screenshot.


Once this is done we need to configure the network adapters in the host machine as well as the VM.

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