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Understand Storyboard concept in XAML using Blend 2015

What is Storyboard? Before we dig into detail of Storyboard, make a note that Storyboard is tightly coupled with animation. A storyboard is nothing but a resource containing a collection of timeline objects such as animations and each of which targets a specific property of a control. Like background color and visibility property of a… Read more

Retain Source Folder Permissions While Copying

  My last week task was to copy shared folder content from one server to another server. This looks easy but it comes with following conditions: Copy content from Source to target folder( Ignore one folder (DfsPrivate) while copying content from source to target server) Copy source folder permission at all level while copying source… Read more

Use of Deferred Loading in XAML

//   Objective of this blog is to demystify the deferred loading concept in XAML. In order to understand this topic, reader must have basic understanding of XAML and C#. What is deferred loading? It is a process to reduce the number of XAML elements at startup. So you can deferred the loading of XAML… Read more

Get computer hardware information using C#

Here I will be explaining how to get computer hardware information using WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) in C#. Our objective is to get following information of a computer using WMI api in c#. Number Of Physical Processors Number Of Logical Processors Bitness Architecture Number Of Cores Lets start !! Create a console application project in Visual studio and… Read more

xaml syntax coloring is not working after installing visual studio 2012

I am facing this issue after installing VS 2012. By some reason XAML editor in VS2012 doesn’t show any syntax highlighting. It is just showing black text and even comments are not coming in green. Its very difficult to understand xaml without syntax highlighting. If you are also facing this issue then below command might… Read more

Part 1: How to create window 8 app using "Grid App (XAML)" template from scratch.

In this tutorial, you will learn the detail of “Grid App (XAML)” template and understanding of this template will help you to create your window 8 app. Before you start… You need Windows 8 or 8.1 OS Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows 8. To download them, see Get the tools. You also need a developer license. For… Read more