Upload blobs using UploadFromStream to Azure Storage and using ResponseReceivedEventArgs to track the upload progress

While uploading a stream of various sizes using UploadFromStream, and using ResponseReceivedEventArgs to track the HTTPStatusCode you will see the following behavior: 1)     For a blob whose size less than(or equal to)32 MB, the lib will send it in one piece 2)     For a blob whose size is bigger than 32 MB, the lib will…


Windows Azure Storage (Blob, Table, and Queue) Throughput Analyzer Tool by Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research team created a very nice tool called “Azure Throughput Analyzer” to display upload and download throughput between your network and Azure datacenters when you are using Windows Azure Storage. You can use this tool if you are encountering performance problems with Azure storage.    You should run this tool depend on how you…


Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient.CloudDriveException was unhandled by user code Message=ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_OS

I had my Windows Azure SDK 1.2 based ASP.NET application which was working fine in which I use a cloud drive within the Web role. I decided to upgrade the exact same application using Windows Azure SDK 1.3 and while testing it on cloud, immediately I hit the following error: Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient.CloudDriveException was unhandled by user…


Windows Azure : Handling exception – No valid combination of account information found

When you deploy your Windows Azure SDK 1.2 or 1.3 based application you might experience your application status is still stuck in “Starting” or cycling between “busy and starting”.   If you have decided to use Windows Azure SDK 1.3 then you can confiugre and use RDP Connection to access your Windows Azure VM through…


Great Article on Windows Azure Table Storage : "How to get most out of Windows Azure Tables"

If you have a Windows Azure service and your Azure services is accessing Windows Azure Table Storage quite enough, it is possible that you may have encountered the following issues: Random slow connection to Azure Storage “Error 503: Server is Busy” Connection timeout issue A DataServiceQueryException with error code “ResourceNotFound” How to work with InvalidOperationException…


Uploading a blob to Azure Storage with progress bar and variable upload block size

Recently there were a few questions on uploading large blobs to Azure storage along with upload progress. I decided to write a sample and share with everyone so we all can take advantage of it. The sample is attached below. The sample is strictly shared for educational purposes. The sample walkthrough is as below: 1….