Are you a Windows Phone developer? Try being part of and enjoy the perks

Website: DVLUP is only available to Windows Phone Dev Center Users in the US & Canada (for now!). If you are new, you must have a valid registration code before registering. If you do not have a registration code, enter your email below and you will be notified when new codes become available.  …


Windows Phone 8.0 Emulator requires a SLAT Supported Hardware Virtulization on Windows 8 Machine

If you have installed Windows Phone SDK 8 on a Windows 8 x64 machine which does not have SLAT (Second Level Address Translation) support with hardware virtulization, you will not be able to run the Windows Phone Emulator 8.0 and get the following message: This computer does not support hardware virtulization, which means Windows Phone…


Windows Phone SDK 8.0 available to download and install on Windows 8 machines

Today Windows Phone SDK 8.0 is released and you can get it from here. If you already have Windows 8 you are the lucky one as it only installed on Windows 8 64bit client versions: But if you are still on Windows 7, you have one more reason to upgrade to Windows 8 🙂


Using Windows Server 2012 OS with Windows Azure Cloud Services and .net 4.5

With latest release of Windows Azure, Cloud service user can run their cloud service application in Windows Server 2012 OS. If you have seen the new portal you may have seen the following new addition:   Currently this settings is available only for new application and any of your Windows Server 2008 SP* or Windows…


List of components installed with Windows Azure SDK 1.8

Windows Azure SDK 1.8 is live and available to work with VS2012 and VS2010SP1. You can choose any one WebPI 4.0 based installer to install from here. Direct Download Link: Following is the list of all components installed with SDK 1.8: By default the SDK is installed here: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows Azure\.NET SDK\2012-10 You…