Silverlight front end calling to WCF Service, all in one Windows Azure Web Role Sample

I was asked recently to provide a sample which has Windows Azure Web Role with Silverlight front end, calling to WCF service which is hosted in the same Windows Azure Web Role. I decided to share those details and sample with everyone. This sample is very back code generate all through respective wizard and templates….


Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games Update (August 26) available

The Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games also comes with a new proof-of-concept game called Tankster from industry innovator Grant Skinner and his team at Tankster is built with HTML5 and comes complete with reusable server side code and documentation. It also supports a variety of social interactions including messaging, wall posts, and comments…


Create new Windows Azure Service and Get Deployment Info Sample Code using Windows Azure Service Management API

Here is C# sample code to access Windows Azure Services using Windows Azure  Management API in C#. I have managed following two functions: – To get deployment details for a specific Windows Azure Application  on Windows Azure GetDeploymentDetails(UserSubscriptionID, MgmtCertThumbprint, UserServiceName, “”, DeploymentType); – To create a new service to host Windows Azure Application on Windows…


Full Startup task based Tomcat/Java Worker Role Application for Windows Azure

This Windows Azure Tomcat Solution is designed in a way that you can update your Tomcat project outside VS2010 project. The VS2010 application will be deployed once however whenever you would need to update, Tomcat, Java Run time or your own Tomcat based solution, you can update without updating your Windows Azure application. This project…


Windows Azure and Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 – Part 1/3 : Creating Hello World Application in Visual Studio LightSwitch

Visual Studio LightSwitch  2011 offers downloadable starter kits and flexible deployment options that help you create and easily release custom business apps that look professional and polished, with no coding required. Learn more at: Technology used in this 3 part blog entry: Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 Visual Studio 2010 Pro and Above Windows Azure SDK…


Windows Azure Bootstrapper: A Command Line Tool for post processing jobs like downloading, unzipping, installing outside web or worker role

The Windows Azure Bootstrapper is a command line tool meant to be used by your running Web and Worker roles in Windows Azure. This tool allows you to easily download resources (either public resources or ones in your blob storage), extract them if necessary, and launch them. Since you don’t want to always download and…


ASP.NET MVC3 Web Role Deployment in Windows Azure (SDK 1.4) – Detailed steps and Full Sample

Please be sure to have Visual Studio 2010 (or Visual Web Developer)  along with Windows Azure SDK 1.4 Refresh  installed in your machine.  Get the full working Sample at: Step 1. Please create a MVC2 Web Role as below:   Step 2: In the Visual Studio when solution is ready now add a new project…


Ruby on Rails in Windows Azure – Part 1 – Setting up Ruby on Rails in Windows 7 Machine with test Rails Application

Lets start with main component installation as below: 1. Ruby 1.9.2 2. Rails 3.0.7 Ruby Installation: I have installed it at C:\Applicaitons\Ruby\Ruby192   Gems (Ruby Package Manager) Installation   Unzip the above zip folder in C:\Applicaitons\Ruby\ folder. To start GEM installation use command ruby <Path_to>\setup.rb as below: C:\Applications\Ruby>dir Volume in drive C has…


Source Code: Hosting Silverlight Pivot in Windows Azure

You can download this full VS2010 Solution and open in VS2010 admin mode.  Edit MainPage.xaml.cs and enable to following line so you can use my prebuilt Pivot in your Code and then just press F5 to test sample in compute emulator: private static readonly Uri s_GalaxiesCollectionUri = new Uri(“”);public MainPage(){InitializeComponent();pivotWidgets.LoadCollection(s_GalaxiesCollectionUri.ToString(), string.Empty);} The VS2010 Solution looks…