WorkFlow (XAMLX) Service Activity with WCF Service in Windows Azure Websites

I have downloaded pre-built WCF-WF samples from the link here:


After unzipping the above sample collection, I have selected WFStockPriceApplication application which is located as below:




In VS2010, opening the application WFStockPriceApplication and set the XAMLX propertyCopy to Output Directory” as “Copy Always” as below:


To expose my Work Flow Service activity (StockPriceService.xamlx) as WCF service, I have added one WCF Service GetStockPriceWCFService.svc, to this application and set Workflow Service Activity (StockPriceService.xamlx) in SVC Markup  as below:

<%@ ServiceHost Language="C#"  Debug="true"  Service="StockPriceService.xamlx" 



Build the service and verify that my StockPriceService.xamlx file is using “Copy Local” as true setting because it is in my final output folder as below:



Finally I can run and test the application locally with both StockPriceService.xamlx



...and with GetStockPriceWCFService.svc as below:



Now I can setup Windows Azure Website to use Git deployment method:



After opening GIT Bash windows, I walked all the way to my WFStockPriceApplication application folder and ran “git init” and “git add .” commands as below:



When I ran “git commit –m “initial commit” command I could verify that xamlx content is included into the list as below:


 Finally I can call “git push azure master” to publish my project and check the deployment was successful. 


Now, I can access the service and see that service is deployed correct and available:



In a test application I can also add this WCF service as Web References as below:


Keywords: Windows Azure, WCF, WorkFlow, Git, Websites


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  1. Avkash – thanks for this sample. Is it possible to extend this so the service points to a xamlx file in a referenced assembly?

    I like to keep my service implementation separate from the azure role. In regular WCF I achieve this by having a shell .svc file that simply inherits my service definition from a referenced assembly. Is there any way to do the same thing with a xamlx file?

  2. Arun says:

    In workflow service(xamlx), Can I resume suspended instances? Pls help me on this

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