Windows Azure Website: Uploading/Downloading files over FTP and collecting Diagnostics logs

Visit to your Go to your Windows Azure Website:



In your Windows Azure Website please select the following:

FTP Host Name:  *
FTP User Login Name: yourwebsitename\yourusername
Password:  your_password



Use FileZilla or any FTP client application and configure your FTP access as below:



Finally connect to your website and you will see two folders:

1. site  - This is the folder where your website specific files are located
2. Logfiles : This is the folder where your website specific Diagnostics LOG files are located.


Keywords: Windows Azure, Websites, FTP, LogFiles, Site

Comments (11)

  1. freakroach says:

    will the new files uploaded via ftp persist on VM restarts/reimage?

  2. rahou says:

    Usefull tips. I searched around and I do not see anywhere that you need to put the website name prior to the login like that site_nameusername.


  3. Steven (MSFTE) says:


    I have tried it and it doesn´t work. You have to download your "Publishingprofile" and have to use the username and Password which is configured in the XML. See the following link:…/azure-web-sites-ftp-credentials.aspx



  4. Great guide! I prefer mapping the FTP site as a network drive so you don't need a special client. See this site:…/hak5gtae5

  5. sourcecode says:

    I ve deployed a nopCommerce site using the gallery. Now i want to download the sourcecode to make changes and then sync them to my site. This site helped me connect to the site from FTP but now i need a path to get source code. Any help?

  6. Dylan McKEndry says:

    Has anyone got this working with SFTP?  It is not working for me…

  7. Mike says:

    Is it possible to create a user without backslash?

  8. Jeff says:

    I had a problem with my dev machine and needed to download my files from my azure site. AvKash's description of FTP on Azure worked perfectly. Thanks, AvKash!


  9. Julien JT PIERRE says:

    Nice article

  10. Haspennugardur says:

    I had problems finding the FTP password. Had to download the Publish Profile XML.…/azure-web-sites-ftp-credentials

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