Using Git to deploy an ASP.NET website shows Windows Azure Blob Storage list at Windows Azure Websites

I have seen a few issues reported related Windows Azure Websites, when someone deploy an ASP.NET web application (which use Azure Storage Client Library) to Windows Azure Websites. I decided to give a try and document all the steps to show how to do it correctly and what not to miss. Here are the steps:

Create ASP.NET Website and add Microsoft.WindowsAzure.ServiceRuntime and Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient references as below and set their “Copy Local” property to “True”:


When you build your application be sure that  additional references are listed in your Bin folder:



Verify that your Windows Azure Storage based code is working locally:



Now you can visit your Windows Azure Websites and enable Git repository and be sure it is ready:



Open your Git Bash Command in your development machine (visit to your application folder i.e. C:\2012Data\Development\Azure\ASPStorageView\ASPStorageView) and start running Git command as below:

git init
git add .



git commit -m "initial commit" (Note when you run this command be sure that all additional references are included as displayed below)



git remote add azure

git push azure master



Finally when deployment is completed, you can verify your Windows Azure Website is running as expected:


 Keywords: Windows Azure, WebSites, Storage Client, Git

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