Downloading Windows Azure Publish Settings (Subscription Configuration) file

Time to time I need to use my Windows Azure Subscription Profile information however when I want I could never find and searching the link over internet could never get me the configuration file immediately so I created this blog.


To get PublishSetting profile visit the link below:

A publishsettings file will be downloaded and the file name will be in given format:

  • <Subscription_Name>-<Download_Date>-credentials.publishsettings


You can download the publishsetting file directly from PS by launching the command as below:

  • PS> Get-AzurePublishSettingsFile

Once you have publishsettings file you can use it with Visual Studio to publish your application or use with Powershell as well:

  • PS>Import-AzurePublishSettingsFile <Physical_Location>\<Subscription_Name>-<Download_Date>-credentials.publishsettings


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Comments (11)

  1. Thanks for the info…

    My hope was this settings file would work with WebMatrix 2 and the Web Deploy publish…  but no… ;(


    Failed to load file.


    Publish settings file is invalid.




    More had banging to come…

  2. Ramesh says:


    Can we download publishsettings file from portal based on subscription pro grammatically through API.Is it possible and how?



  3. Sri says:


    Today morning MS update wiped out all my stuff in the computer. I downloaded publication file and unable to import. I am getting weird error in vs2012 import process

  4. DalSoft says:

    Awesome thanks just what I needed for my CD powershell script

  5. Soenke says:

    Searched 2 hours for that before I could find it! Thanks for sharing, man!

  6. Trey McGlaun says:

    Is this link still working?  It just times out for me for the last couple of days.

  7. kopeboy says:

    This link doesn't exist……/publishprofile.aspx

    How to download the publish settings file from the Azure dashboard ( ??

  8. SR says:

    The downloaded file does not work with the Azure java toolkit plugin for eclipse and complains about a version 1.0 of the publish setting file

    how to fix this ?

  9. Sass says:

    double check the link please, it does not work.

    the powershell command does work.

  10. Ali Moeen says:

    This post is outdated. You should add updates to prevent confusion since he search engine ranking is high.

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