Windows Azure Resource: A Guide to Claims-Based Identity and Access Control, Second Edition – eBook Download

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An Introduction to Claims explains what a claim is and provides general rules on what makes good claims and how to incorporate them into your application. It’s probably a good idea that you read this chapter before you move on to the scenarios. 

Claims-Based Architectures shows you how to use claims with browser-based applications and smart client applications. In particular, the chapter focuses on how to implement single sign-on for your users, whether they are on an intranet or an extranet. This chapter is optional. You don’t need to read it before you proceed to the scenarios. 

Claims-Based Single Sign-On for the Web and Windows Azure is the starting point of the path that explores the implementation of single sign-on and federated identity. This chapter shows you how to implement single sign-on and single sign-out within a corporate intranet. Although this may be something that you can also implement with Integrated Windows Authentication, it is the first stop on the way to implementing more complex scenarios. It includes a section for Windows Azure® technology platform that shows you how to move the claims-based application to the cloud.


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