7 Steps will help you to write or migrate your application to Windows Azure

When you decide to write a new Web Application to host on Windows Azure or decided to migrated to Windows Azure, the following resources will help you immensely:

1. Prepare yourself with necessary hands on labs and training:

  • Please download Windows Azure Training Kit form the link below, and finish the following hands on labs and Demos first at least:
  • Demos:
    • Building and Deploying a Service
    • Hello Windows Azure
    • Windows Azure using Blobs Demo
    • Preparing your SQL Azure Account
    • Connecting to SQL Azure
  • Hands on Labs:
  • Introduction to Windows Azure
  • Building ASP.NET Applications with Windows Azure
  • Exploring Windows Azure Storage
  • Deploying Applications in Windows Azure

2. Using HTTPs Endpoint and SSL certificate


3. Using startup Task for specific action in your Windows Azure Application :


4. Using Startup Task to configure IIS Application pool:


5. Monitoring your Windows Azure application:

6. Domain Name Setup:


7. Sending Email and configure SMTP services from your application:

Comments (1)

  1. Antti Makkonen says:

    I would also add step 8. Dynamic scaling and monitoring your app: http://www.paraleap.com/azurewatch

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