Windows Azure SDK 1.6 (Build 1.6.41103.1601) installation Walkthrough

Windows Azure SDK 1.6 is out now and you can install it directly from Web (Web Platform Installer 3.0 Required)

Download link:

Get more info:


When you launch Azure SDK installer it will launch WebPI 3.0 installer to download necessary Azure SDK 1.6 components and if you have WebPI 4.0 installed in your machine when you will get the following error:

     Error: Web Platform Installer 3.0 (Newer version already installed.)


To continue installation, you can uninstall WebPI 4.0 and then re-launch the Windows Azure SDK 1.6 installation and installation will work perfectly as expected.


Windows Azure Installation will start as below:



The next dialog will show you  the list of components will be installed as below:



The installation will continue further will random update details as below:


..and as below:


… and as below:


Finally installation is done you will be notified with the following dialog:



Now you can verify new updated Windows Azure SDK 1.6 bits are installed (as Windows Azure Authoring Tools) perfectly in your machine:



You can also verify updated Windows Azure SDK 1.6 (Build 1.6.41103.1601) is installed at following location on 64bit OS:

C:\Program Files\Windows Azure SDK\v1.6

Have fun!!!

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