My Experiment with Wolfram|Alpha Facts Windows Azure DataMarket to check world population

As you may know that Wolfram|Alpha Facts database is accessible directly from web also you can subscribe from Windows Azure DataMarket for free of cost to use it  within your application and run query. As world population reached 7 Billion I decided to give it a try to see what I will get. So here are the steps:


Step 1: Log into and login using Live account

Step 2: Search for Wolfram|Alpha Facts and signup in your data market account


Step 3: Finalize your Wolfram|Alpha Facts subscription




Step 4: Once Wolfram|Alpha Facts subscription is completed you will see it is included in your Data Market account and you can explore the data directly on web.


Step 5:  There are also other option to explore your data i.e:

-           Microsoft Powerpivot for Excel 2010

-           Tableau Software

-           Using data in your code via Visual Studio



Step 6: Now I will use the web based version of data viewer “Explore this Dataset” and run the following query to get “World Population” as below:



Step 7: I will get the results as below:

  •  The result shows the world’s population is still not 7,000,000,000 yet… this is because the database still has population data based on 2009 census. 


If I visit the Wolfram|Alpha Facts website and run the same query I will get exact same results:


 So it was a nice experiment with data and you can try it by yourself as well. 


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