Great new feature introduced in Windows Azure Storage: Geo Replication

Now anyone using Windows Azure Storage can sleep without any tension, by knowing that their data in Windows Azure Storage (blob, table and queue) have another safe copy replicated within the same region. I am awake at 10:20 PM for other reasons however I am taking sigh of relief by knowing that I have a copy of my data is replicated..

The best part, it is FREE!!!

A few terms to know about:

  • Geo-Failover
  • Geo-Replication Transaction Consistency 
  • Primary & Secondary Location
  • Disabling Geo-Replication
  • Re-Bootstrap Storage Account
  • Cross-PartitionKey relationships

To learn about above term and many more please visit  at:

Comments (3)

  1. Pini Krisher says:


    i wait for that, since i worked with Azure Table Storage.

    we have actuall back up

    thank you. i will read now about this and go to sleep.

  2. Satya says:

    Microsoft always have a problem.

    They wont fix bugs sincerly

  3. Guys!! I really appreciate your comments!! Thank you so much for reading the blog. Regards!!

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