Windows Azure SDK 1.5 is released along with lots of new features in Service Management, Azure Storage, Marketplace, Service Bus v2..

Today Windows Azure Team, release long awaited Windows Azure SDK 1.5, along with several other prominent features with Windows Azure Tools... 


Windows Azure SDK 1.5 is now available with number of updates as:

•Re-architected emulator, which enables higher fidelity between local and cloud developments.

•Support for uploading service certificates in csupload.exe.

•A new csencrypt.exe tool to manage remote desktop encryption passwords.

•Enhancements in the Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio for developing and deploying cloud applications.

•The ability to create ASP.NET MVC3 Web Roles and manage multiple service configurations in one cloud project.

•Improved validation of Windows Azure packages to catch common errors like missing .NET assemblies and invalid connection strings.


Windows Azure Service Management API

Key improvements to the Windows Azure Service Management API include the ability to rollback in-progress configuration updates and service upgrades, and the ability to invoke multiple "write" operations on an ongoing deployment.  Other enhancements include more descriptive status for role instances and a new API method: Get Subscription.

Windows Azure Marketplace

•The Windows Azure Marketplace will be available in 25 new markets internationally starting next month.

•Microsoft Translator APIs are now available through the Windows Azure Marketplace, along with a fast-growing collection of data sets and applications. These APIs allow developers and webmasters to provide translation and language services in more than 35 languages, as part of their applications, websites or services.

Windows Azure Storage

New Windows Azure Storage features include geo-replication to help with disaster recovery and a new version of the REST API to enable some functionality improvements for Windows Azure Blobs, Tables, and Queues.  Geo-replication replicates your Windows Azure Blob and Table data between two locations that are hundreds of miles apart and within the same region. Geo-replication is now turned on for all Windows Azure Storage accounts for Blobs and Tables.  There is no change in existing performance, as updates are asynchronously geo-replicated. 


Service Bus September Release

This new release introduces enhancements to the Service Bus that improve pub/sub messaging by introducing features such as Queues, Topics and Subscriptions, and Rules. It also enables new scenarios on the Windows Azure platform, such as:

•Asynchronous Cloud Eventing - Distribute event notifications to occasionally connected clients (for example, phones, remote workers, kiosks, and so on)

•Event-driven Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) - Building loosely coupled systems that can easily evolve over time

•Advanced Intra-App Messaging - Load leveling and load balancing for building highly scalable and resilient applications



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