Different versions (so far) of Windows Azure SDK 1.4

Here is a list of Windows Azure Tools SDK 1.4 version 

Windows Azure SDK 1.4:

  1. Azure Tools SDK -                                                     1.4.20227.1419 – Original
  2. Azure Tools SDK Refresh -                                       1.4.20407.2049 - Refresh
  3. Azure Tools SDK Updated August 2, 2011 -          1.4.40727.1601 <= The latest with MVC3+ and other things


If you hit the follow error:

"The Windows Azure project was created by a later version of the Windows Azure Tools then the latest one installed. Please install latest version of the tools."

It means:

  1. The Windows Azure Project you are trying to open, was build in an Visual Studio environment which had later version of Windows Azure SDK then the one you have in your machine
  2. Go to Visual Studio Help -> About Microsoft Visual Studio dialog and verify the Windows Azure Tools version 
  3. If you will open the  .ccproj file in text editor and look for <productversion>1.4.0<productversion>, you will see the difference which is causing the problem 
To solve this problem just go to link below and download the very latest version of Windows Azure SDK:
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