Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games Update (August 26) available

The Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games also comes with a new proof-of-concept game called Tankster from industry innovator Grant Skinner and his team at


Tankster is built with HTML5 and comes complete with reusable server side code and documentation. It also supports a variety of social interactions including messaging, wall posts, and comments while player achievements and game stats are presented on a live leaderboard so gamers can interact with each other—what’s a social game without being able to talk trash?

More Info:

  • The Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games allows you to quickly get started building new social games in Windows Azure.
  • To help you quickly tap into this market, the toolkit includes accelerators, libraries, developer tools, and samples that you can use in your own .NET or HTML5 game.
  • The toolkit also enables unique capabilities for social gaming prerequisites, such as storing user profiles, maintaining leader boards, in-app purchasing and so forth.


Today I download latest source code and tried to run in compute Emulator. I met with some problem.

I configured the solution as suggested in documentation and then deployed to Windows Azure, which did not work either. I will write up better documentation when I have the sample app is working fine both in Compute Emulator and on Windows Azure.  

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