Windows Azure Table Storage: Problem occurred while inserting a certain record in a Table

Recently I found something very interesting while trying to insert a record in a table in my Windows Azure Table Storage.


The following record was inserted in the Windows Azure Table without any problem:

 partitionkey: KSIEIRI6I4ER39GFDGRger4000173KDLWDTTKWKWITO405482950skeiklkKL324444242Ah4u2A1UY41QB4==

rowkey: 0434FDEA4534590808324DA09823423ACB09432409AEFD03295CEA230954049650238CB3F4A764B5DB0CEAD09951D18655E222D72A044F27CBD871E6188BE51B67F114709AE70194AA75B12A9BF625999A553BB9C0D8B997BA08035492CDF344A

Timestamp: 01/01/0001 00:00:00

However the following record failed to insert:

 partitionkey: k349slfkLKDOE93KSKLAJK92-Sllldw943543lkEEWRKDR53/8729ejkal4KdgOL5O463wr20l28KH8kd1SJD5aI3==

rowkey: 0843CDF082309349A39948380238CB3F4A764B5DB0CEAD09951D18653864CDE99213AEF93845CDFE919BCA98235DEFCA89048932094CFEBB8214FD8C7D6D00491D57352BA661E2F6192E7C558876719486A91D87A4C90234CDA9093DG09AA6DEF

Timestamp: 01/01/0001 00:00:00


The problem here was related with a certain character “/” in the partition key because ”/” is not allowed to present in partition key.



The following characters are not allowed in values for the PartitionKey and RowKey properties:

  • The forward slash (/) character
  • The backslash (\) character
  • The number sign (#) character
  • The question mark (?) character


More info is available at:


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