Windows Azure: Latest Update – Azure Tool Update, Storage Analytics, Training Kit Update and Fujitsu Azure

Windows Azure Storage Analytics - Logging & Metrics

Windows Azure Storage Analytics feature adds logging and metrics capabilities to Azure storage which gives everyone additional tools to troubleshoot storage related problems and obtain information about Windows Azure storage use:

  • Logs
    • Provide trace of executed requests for Blobs, Tables and Queues
    • Contains information such as request id, request URL, http status of the request, requestor account name, owner account name, server side latency, E2E latency, source IP address for the request etc
  • Metrics
    • Provide summary of key capacity and request statistics for Blobs, Tables and Queues
    • Contains information such as hourly aggregates of number of requests, average server side latency, average E2E latency, average bandwidth, total successful requests and total number of failures and more

 The storage team has created the following blog post which includes summary information and links to more in-depth details:

 Steve Marx has created the following blog post which gives an overview along with sample code and a sample website: 

Please see the following links for more information:


Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 August 2011 Update

Windows Azure Tools for VS2010 got new update and in this new release you can find the following:

  • Profile applications running in Windows Azure.
  • Create ASP.Net MVC3 Web Roles.
  • Manage multiple service configurations in one cloud project.
  • Improved validation of Windows Azure packages

Web Platform Installer:


Windows Azure Training Kit August 2011 Update:

The August 2011 update of the training kit includes the following updates:

  • [New Hands-On Lab] Introduction to Windows Azure Marketplace for Applications
  • [Updated] Labs and Demos to leverage the August 2011 release of the Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • [Updated] Windows Azure Deployment to use the latest version of the Azure Management Cmdlets
  • [Updated] Exploring Windows Azure Storage to support deleting snapshots
  • •Applied several minor fixes in content

Download from : 

Windows Azure Public Cloud Service:

Fujitsu announced the global availability of a new line of middleware products to support the Windows Azure Platform, which comes on the heels of their announcement of the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform service, powered by Windows Azure. The middleware products launching today will run on both FGCP/A5 and the Windows Azure public cloud service, as well as provide customers around the world with the ability to build and deploy with Java and COBOL language runtime environments, migrate existing list applications, and coordinate job scheduling between on-premises and the Windows Azure Platform.



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