What if "Access Denied or Not sufficient permission" error occurred while accessing Windows Azure Storage (Blob, Table or Queue)

Whenever you got "Access Denied" error with Windows Azure Storage via any kind of resources, while:

  • Creating, accessing or modifying tables or tables entries in Windows Azure Table Storage
  • Creating containers or file modifications in Windows  Azure Blob Storage
  • Creating queue or queue items in Windows Azure Queue Storage

The problem will shows different behavior with different kind of applications. 

For example creating containers in Azure Blob Storage returned the following:

The account being accessed does not have sufficient permissions to execute this operation.
View diagnostic information

For example you may get the following error when programmatically  creating a table in Windows Azure Table  Storage:


For such problem, it certainly means you have some issues with Windows Azure subscription. You can go to Windows Azure Management Portal and you may be able to verify that your Account is disabled. 

You can contact Windows Azure Billing Team using the link below and get your Subscription issue sorted out and after that this problem will be resolved. 


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