How to share Windows Azure VM RDP access with others in case you needed

If you find a situation, where you will have to share the RDP access with someone else, in this case you can do the following to share your VM Access:

1.        Go to Windows Azure Management Portal and in the Remote Access toolbar please select "Configure".

2.        Now change the user name and password (This way you can keep your original and personal password with you and this will become temporary password for time being)


3.        After it, please select the "Connect" option from Remote Access Toolbar and when you were asked to save the .RDP file...

4.         Please save the RDP access file on your local machine and finally, zip this .RDP file and share with anyone and pass your temporary credentials by email or verbally or whatever you found secure for you.

5.        Once the other person work is completed in your virtual machine, please follow the above step #2 and generate new username and password to disable temporary credentials.

Comments (5)

  1. Shai says:

    Can you allow 2-3 different users to have access this machine at the same time (its Windows 2008 server after all)?

  2. RDP Access Configuration from VS201 allows you to create and share only one user access per Role. You are also not allowed to run terminal server kind of application in VM Role as well.  

  3. Tal Ben-Shalom says:

    Hi Avkash,

    What about the certificate?

    Does RDP available without certificates?



  4. Priglet says:

    Hello Avkash,

    Is there something specific about the Remote connexion on Azure VM using MAC OSX ?


  5. Hi Tal Ben Shalom!!

    In RDP scenario, the certificate is used to encrypt your password so that is a must for any Role base RDP connection in Windows Azure.

    Hi Priglet!!

    Actually I did spend good amount of time to verify why RDP does not work on Mac OSX. The Remote Connection Application for Mac is not updated to handle the RDP scenario which are used by Windows Azure RDP connection. Last i checked about RDP application on Mac, it seems there is no progress for any decision so far to get it working for Windows Azure yet.

    I was told in past (I haven't verified yet but will do soon) that FreeRDP client could possibly make connection to Windows Azure from Mac OSX so if you can give that a try, let me know.

    Thank you so much!!

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