Setting PERFMON using Startup Task in Windows Azure for Performance Monitoring via RDP in Azure VM

When you have
you application running in Windows Azure the best thing is to enable
diagnostics monitoring so you can collect diagnostics data from your

However it is
also possible to collect performance related data using PERFMON without
diagnostics monitoring if you cannot enable by any reason.


To enable
performance monitoring in Windows Azure VM using PERFMON you can do the
following in startup task:

  1. Add
    Startup task (Needs Info?) in Windows Azure Application
  2. Start
    the Task Scheduler service with Admin Privilege
  3. Start
    PERFMON with Admin Privilege


Now you can RDP
to your Windows Azure VM and collect the PERFMON data.



Comments (1)

  1. Kausalya says:

    Very useful.

    I was trying to recollect the service that needs to be started to use the perfmon tool but couldn't.. this article was a quick recokner to get what i was looking for.

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