Windows Azure SDK 1.4 Refresh: Web Deploy Addition to original SDK 1.4

On 15th April Windows Azure Team released Windows Azure SDK 1.4 Refresh which only included "Web Deploy" plugin in addition to original Windows Azure SDK 1.4.

After the Refresh is installed you can see new addition to the SDK plugins folder and new Web Deploy plug in installed at C:\Program Files\Windows Azure SDK\v1.4\bin\plugins\WebDeploy location. 

You can download Windows Azure SDK 1.4 from the link below and it will install full 1.4 SDK with Web Deploy, if you don't have SDK 1.4 installed. If you already have SDK 1.4 installed, then it will just install Web Deploy Plugin as described above.

The new SDK deployment is does with applicaiton WindowsAzureToolsVS2010.exe which is very small and download all necessary components when you start the installation. 

More Info on Web Deploy:

  • Web Deploy only
    works with a single role instance.
  • The tool is
    intended only for iterative development and testing scenarios
  • Web Deploy
    bypasses the package creation. Changes to the web pages are not durable.
    To preserve changes, you must package and deploy the service
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