Windows Azure SDK 1.4 Refresh: Installation Walkthrough

Windows Azure SDK 1.4 Refresh is ready to install which has an important plugin name "Web Deploy" which will help you to:

  • Web Deploy only works with a single role instance.
  • The tool is intended only for iterative development and testing scenarios
  • Web Deploy bypasses the package creation. Changes to the web pages are not durable. To preserve changes, you must package and deploy the service


Click here for more info and download details....

Now following is the Windows Azure SDK 1.4 Refresh Installation walk through:

 The new SDK deployment is does with applicaiton WindowsAzureToolsVS2010.exe which is very small and download all necessary components when you start the installation. 

Launching  WindowsAzureToolsVS2010.exe  will give you the following dialog:

Select "Install":

As you can see I already have Windows Azure SDK 1.4 installed so I just need to install "Refresh" only. Now select "I Accept" and installer will progress as below:

And when the installation is completed, the following dialog shows the progress:

Now when I will select "Finish" the new dialog will shows the list of application ready to install with web deploy as below:


Above you can see that most of components are not in my machine however IIS 7 Recommended Configuraton is already installed. As I don't have VS2010 SP1 in my machine lets give a try here.


Above I selected VS2010 SP1 installation by using "Add" option and then now select "Install" to start the installation:


Above click "I Accept" and you will have VS2010 SP1 installation begin as below:


In the middle of installation, I was notified to reboot the machine as below:


After reboot is completed, the VS2010 SP1 installation resume as below:


Once installation is completed the following dialog box appears:


Now you will be back to same initial window. If you try to install, pre-install components you see the following screen shows the components are already installed:


So that was the Windows Azure SDK 1.4 Refresh Installation Walk Through!!

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