WCF Web Role Deployment with fixed IP Address/Port will cause error after deployment

If you deploy a WCF Web Role based Windows Azure Application
it is wise to change the "Web Server" setting to use
"Auto-assign Port" instead of using fixed IP.IF you deploy the application with fixed IP Address/Port, it
will not work on Cloud and return errors. In my case the error were logged as below:

"Role instances recycled for a certain amount of times during an update or upgrade operation. This indicates that the new version of your service or the configuration settings you provided when configuring the service prevent role instances from running. The most likely reason for this is that your code throws an unhandled exception. Please consider fixing your service or changing your configuration settings so that role instances do not throw unhandled exceptions. Then start another update or upgrade operation. Until you start another update or upgrade operation, Windows Azure will continue trying to update your service to the new version or configuration you provided Dr. Watson Diagnostic ID...

The following screen shows how it
should be set for "Auto-assign Port":





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